The 24-Hour Film Festival has arrived!

On Monday (Jan. 18) we held an info night for students considering participating in this year's annual 24-Hour Film Festival. We had a good turn out but we hope to get a few more groups who will be submitting their student films. Some of the rules of the project:
  • The festival is open to all Brock students, not just CPCF students.
  • Each group can contain as many people as it needs, but at least one member of the group must register beforehand (you can register the night of the event, or contact us on our Facebook page to find out how to do so earlier) and each group must pay the registration fee of $5 (that is PER GROUP, NOT per group member).  Every person who worked on the film must be credited, either in credits edited onto the end of the film itself, or submitted in hard copy form when your film is submitted.
  • You will find out what this year's mystery topic is on the night of the event, at 7pm on February 5th at the Information desk in Schmon Tower.
  • From there you will have exactly 24 hours to plan, produce, edit, burn and submit your 4-11 minute film. A member of our team will be at the Info desk in Schmon Tower by 6:30. Submissions are due by 7pm on February 6th in DVD form. Our team member will hang around until 7:30, but please keep in mind that films submitted after 7pm will not be considered for the grand or second prizes, though we will screen them during the festival in March. Budget your time wisely!
  • The prize for the festival will be determined by vote on the night of the screening. While the prize has already been determined, we will announce its details at a later date.
  • If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask us on our Facebook page (the link is on the links page!). One frequently asked question is whether or not you can use music by a commercial artist; the answer is yes. For our screening purposes (because this is a private event) you do not have to worry about using any music you would like to. If you take your film on to bigger events for other various screenings, you will need to find out from them what the rules regarding music copywrite are.
  • Most of all we would like you to keep in mind that this is a FUN and CREATIVE event. Have fun filming!

on-campus movie night!

TUESDAY FEB. 2 @ 7pm in TH241 pay a buck and come join us to watch DRACULA DEAD AND LOVING IT with us just for fun.

Student & Faculty Games & Trivia Night

Our Trivia Night this fall turned into a full on game of Pictionary and became quite competitive. We can't seem to help our combative spirit when we are faced with an artistic challenge against our professors it seems. As a result we have decided to hold another night. Officially it will be a "Trivia night" like our events in past years, but who knows what could happen? Please join us for the fun March 15th 6-9pm in AS 201.

Grad Speaker night round two!

The CPCF will be holding another Grad Speaker night on Monday, February 8th from 6-9pm in AS 201. In the past we have found this event successful both in terms of turnout and quality of our speakers. We will again be rounding up different people in the Brock community as well as individuals who have graduated from Brock University with a degree in any of the Communications, Popular Culture, or Film departments and who are now working in these fields. Our speakers are helpful in giving students advice about how to proceed with their degrees and getting their foot in their desired field. They always take questions and the nights tend to be less formal and highly beneficial to our CPCF students. Because our Fall Grad Speaker night was successful we have decided to do it again next month to afford students the opportunity if they either missed our first one, or if they would like to learn more from people who have been through what we're going through, and made it successfully to the other side of the school system! All students are welcome.

Department Trick-or-Treat

in the CPCF Department!
On Friday October 30th, Professors in the
CPCF Department (Scotia Bank Hall - above the Fish Bowl)
Will be welcoming students for a treat!
It’s a great way to get to know the department and your
Professors! Stop by all day.
The CPCF Society will also have a booth set up with
some treats to enjoy! Come out and meet us!

Annual 24-hr Film Fest!

Filming begins Friday February 5th at 7pm. meet at the info desk in the Schmon Tower - finished films must be handed in by Saturday February 6th at 7pm also at the desk in the Schmon tower.
Screening and judging of these films will take place Tuesday March 2nd from 7-10pm in Thistle 242.

Annual Trivia Night!

Tuesday November 10th, 6-8pm , WH202

Come out for a chance to beat the profs! The event is open to anyone who wishes to come and have a good time! We will be dividing into teams and battling each other for the bragging rights of best known useless knowledge!

There will be some free food to enjoy and plenty of amusement!

Bring your friends, classmates, roommates, anyone!

Grad Speakers Night

Tuesday, October 20, 6-8pm WH202

Hope to see you all there!

Annual Grape Stomp!

Friday Sept. 25 at 12:30 in Jubilee Court

An unmissable event!

On Sunday, October 18 BUFS presents a special presentation in the David S. Howes theatre on the Brock University campus. The event includes a special screening of the silent science fiction film (arguably one of the first) Metropolis, (Fritz Lang, Germany, 1927, NR, 153 minutes). What is special about this screening is that it will be presented with a new score performed live! More information to come on the BUFS website, but one thing is for sure, this is going to be an incredible show.


The Brock University Film Series brings independent and foreign films to the forefront. Showing critically acclaimed, high quality films for the same price as the blockbusters in the cinema next to you. For the second year now screenings will be held Wednesdays at 7pm at the Empire Theatres in the Pen Centre.  All tickets are $10 at the door. For more information about upcoming shows and film passes, visit the BUFS website: